Terms and Conditions for Entry

All entries must be submitted online.

No liability for entries lost or delayed will be accepted. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your online application by email, immediately or within a few hours. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact us here.

The Cornwall Business Awards are free to enter and open to anyone over the age of 18 provided they represent a business with its head office or main business premises in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly.  Cornwall Business Awards sponsors may not enter the awards.

The business can be a sole trader, a private or public limited company, a partnership or limited liability partnership, a business unit within a company or a not-for-profit organisation.

Businesses can operate in any trading sector.

Businesses can enter up to two different award categories and can win either or both these categories. Award winners can not enter that category again the following year and the winners of the People’s Choice Award will be exempt from applying for any category for the following year.

Third parties can nominate and make applications on behalf of businesses or individuals, so long as the application is completed fully and accurately, and the business or person nominated is aware of the entry and has corroborated the content in the application form.

Responsibility within the scope of these conditions cannot be accepted for any failure of confidentiality.  Entrants will be expected to protect those aspects of their business that may be patentable, registerable or otherwise secret and governed by intellectual property, copyright or similar legislation.

The organisers reserve the right to publicise the results of the competition and use winning entries in press releases and publicised case histories. It is a condition of entry that participants give consent for their data to be shared with the media. Winners may refer to the competition in their own publicity material following approval by the organisers of such material.

By entering the competition, applicants agree that their data will be held on the Cornwall Business Awards database and website unless they request deletion.

It is a condition that entrants must declare whether they, or the business they represent, are involved in (or could be involved in) any dispute or judgement that could in any way significantly interfere with the proper conduct of the Cornwall Business Awards.

There can be no appeal against the decisions of the judges and these decisions must be accepted as final in respect of all matters concerning Cornwall Business Awards, including the interpretation of the conditions of entry. No correspondence will be entered into.

The judges reserve the right to broaden the entry categories if there are insufficient entries in any particular category.  They also reserve the right to move applicants from one category to another if they believe it to be appropriate.

The organisers reserve the right to change the judging deadlines should circumstances necessitate.