Want to know more about the Cornwall Business Awards? Do you think you have a great business and fancy having a go at proving it? Even if you are a seasoned trophy winner the Cornwall Business Awards are the place to connect with the local business community.

If you have not entered awards before you are in the right place, we are here to help with straightforward jargon-free questions and an easy to use web entry platform. Plus, we run regular webinars throughout the entry period to give you top tips on writing a great entry. Even if you don’t go on to be a finalist you will get personalised feedback on your entries direct from the judges to help you improve your entry for future award applications.

Still not sure?

Here some more reasons for you to get an entry in for the Cornwall Business Awards…

Step outside the bubble
Awards are a good opportunity to help you think about your company from an external perspective. The questions might spark an idea for something you should be doing, or planned to do but never get around to. This might just be the spur needed to dust off that business plan and see how you are measuring up.
This is also your chance to have an objective view from industry experts on how you match up in key business areas. If you don’t win this year maybe there is something to work on that will help boost your profits as well as earn you a trophy.

Rate yourself
A good reason to take part in awards is because everyone is at it. Why did your competitors win the title over you? What are they doing differently? Use the information to benchmark your customer offer and processes. Being part of the entry process alone gives you an insight into how leading companies are operating and it allows you to learn from them.

Boost your credibility
Do you put questionable claims to success on your website? Do you really have an innovative product range and who says you’re a great employer? Awards are a chance to add validity to your claims and it’s not bragging if someone else is saying it.

Give your business a platform
Awards are a great way to get your small business in front of big name players who are sponsoring your award category. You can show off your credentials as a potential supplier and make some personal contacts.

Talk about yourself
How often does your business talk about itself? Do you struggle to think of a story that the public might be interested in? Even being shortlisted for an award is likely to result in publicity, raise your profile and enable you to tell the wider community what you do and why you do it.

It is a big party!
OK, so we have talked business benefits now let’s talk about the real reason we all enjoy awards…the chance to let your hair down and celebrate! You get to dress up, have a posh meal, listen to an interesting and funny speaker and then wildly cheer all the businesses winning and you (almost) don’t care if you win or not!
Awards nights are great fun but also a chance to get your team out of the office and have a bit of civilised team building which doesn’t involved climbing over a wall in two feet of mud. They are also an opportunity to network with your industry and find out all the latest goings on while people might be a bit more “chatty” than usual!