The Cornwall Business Awards is launching a brand-new category for 2019 with business support programme Tevi, targeting businesses who work to reduce the impact of waste in a circular economy.

Tevi, which is Cornish for growth, launched in 2018 and aims to help local businesses improve their environmental impact by reducing waste in all its forms, and reusing waste to make a profit [link to explainer video below]. The project is jointly run by the University of Exeter, Cornwall Council, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Cornwall Development Company.

Tevi helps businesses complete an audit of their production that looks at how they can reduce the amount of material and energy that are inputted at one end, and then repurpose, re-engineer and reuse whatever is left at the other. By becoming more resource efficient, businesses grow their profitability whilst at the same improving their environmental credentials.

The project also works to help new businesses that are springing up across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to take wasted business resources and transform them, adding value, reducing environmental impact, and making a profit.


“Supporting the awards is a great opportunity to spread the word about circular economic thinking and what it means for business. By sponsoring the first Circular Economy Award we at Tevi want to shine a spotlight on all the amazing work that innovative businesses are doing, across all sectors, to revolutionise the way we do business in Cornwall, as we move from a linear to a circular model”

Dr Dan Bloomfield

Project Manager, Tevi